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What is Context Awareness?

Context awareness is a criterion in UX design focusing on the users’ context of use. Context-aware UX adapts to the social, emotional and physical environment of the user.

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Therefore, designers can use sensor-based data from devices—including, location, time, activity, environment, etc.— to adapt their designs to the real-time context of the user and provide an optimized experience. 

Other Factors in Context Awareness

Smart devices have also expanded the possible contexts of use beyond smartphones and desktops. For example, smart thermostats and smart homes might adjust their behaviors to the time of day or whether a person is home.

Factors such as location or time of day might also affect the layout of a design. Some applications will use location data to detect when a person is driving and adopt a minimalist design to not distract the driver.

Context awareness should also be sensitive to the user's emotional state. High-stress environments use formal and calming colors, layouts and tones of voice. Entertainment interfaces might be more playful, colorful and whimsical.

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Literature on Context Awareness

Here’s the entire UX literature on Context Awareness by the Interaction Design Foundation, collated in one place:

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